Non Didde Units & Modules for your Press

In-Line Inter-Flex Full Web Coating Unit:

Very Hi-End in line coater for either UV or Aqueous coatings; Enclosed Doctor-Blade system with Anilox Rollers for different coating weights. Includes standard Didde 3′ Base cabinet and all drive-line connects. For17.5″-Wide Didde Press lines.


pic-2-prime-uvPrime Two Lamp System:

Very simple 2-Lamp 400-watt UV system. Each Lamp has its own power supply and can be moved if needed.


On-Line Energy Wet-Trap, 4-Lamp system:

4-Lamp 400-watt system with Pedestal Slide-Out mount system.
pic-4-instant-startOn-Line Energy “Instant Start” 8-Lamp system:

8-Lamp 250-watt system for Press widths to 18″-Wide.
Can be reconfigured for as many lamps as needed.
pic-5-on-line-dry-2On-Line Energy 8-Lamp 400-watt system:

Like new (less than 4,000-Hours) Interstation 8-Lamp system. Can be mounted on standard Base cabinets, or On-Line Pedestal slide mountings. Easily configured for any number of Press Colors/Offsets.
pic-6-fusionFusion Wet-Trap UV System:

Fusion was the original UV System and was a very High-End and efficient unit. This model is for Press widths to 21″ and has had all the Fusion upgrades.
Very cost effective system.
KTI and Martin Splicers:

We currently have a variety of 40″ & 50″ KTI and Martin Splicers
in inventory.  Most are 21″-Width models with a couple at 26″-Wide.
pic-8-mgcMGC In-Line Magnetic Pattern Perf unit:
Hi-End fully adjustable Mag-Unit for Didde Press 17.5″-Wide &
22″-Repeat size.  Includes standard Didde 3′-Base and all Drive-Line connects.
We have a number of standard Didde and High-End
Innotech Plow-Folders in inventory. All are for widths to a maximum of 21″-Wide, and we have both Single & Double Plow-Folds available.
pic-10-siliconeQuad-Tech Silicone Applicators:

For Press widths to 21″-Wide. Can be mounted on standard
Didde Base cabinets or custom mounted direct to your Press.